La Moresca Ravello - Albergo
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Located in the historical centre of Ravello

La Moresca sits in the historical Square of the Moorish Fountain in Ravello, a marvelous 18th century monumentrenowned for the winged ox and lion stone sculptures (symbols of the evangelists Luke and Mark), two medieval works in Sicilian-arabic style originally placed in the local Cathedral. 

The building offers breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast, from the Lacco Road side, and of the rolling hills towards the ancient village of Scala from the other side. The Fountain Square in the centre, with the valley of the mills and the Amalfi sea in the background!

Being located in the historical centre of Ravello, La Moresca is close to all its main attractions: 
Piazza Duomo, Villa Rufolo, the churches of San Giovanni del Toro and Santa Maria a Gradillo, Villa Cimbrone and the Auditorium.